Invisible Coach Handstand Trainer (Complete Package)

SKU #: 407095



The Invisible Coach™ Handstand Trainer helps with numerous skills at all levels more effectively than wall spotting techniques, which require a coach. The support of the cage and easy access for the coach give athletes opportunities to practice hand positioning, turns, and body positioning in a secure environment.

  • Height adjustments are easy and can be used for many different athletes at varying heights
  • Simple enough to be assembled in only minutes in about 5 easy steps
  • Add additional accessories to teach more advanced levels
  • A helpful teaching aid for all levels and age groups
  • Use the cages at the lowest settings, and in a ladder effect, to provide a progression for beginning athletes, which ensures proper body positioning
  • A coach can be present providing pointers, but athletes are able to work on their own while doing repetitions
  • Provides easier spotting positions while coaching advanced skills without the strain to your body
  • Easy entry and roll out from either side with front and rear support
  • Easily fit in many reps in a short amount of time with multiple athletes