Constant Tension Bars

SKU #: 407053



The Constant Tension Bars (CTB) are designed to use for training and for lower level gymnastic programs, and now make it possible to keep tension while making width adjustments.

  • Footprint is reduced to only 7' x 12'  from 13' x 18', which is 64% reduction in floor space
  • The top bar is adjustable from 92½” (2350 mm) to 102 5/8" (2650 mm) in 50-mm increments. 
  • The low bar is adjustable from 61” (1550 mm) to 72 7/8" (1850 mm) in 50-mm increments
  • Bars are tensioned by six independent guying cable assemblies
  • Includes two Graphite E rails or Graphite X rails and six new, enhanced floor anchors
  • Coated in navy blue metallic powder coating
  • Chrome-plated pistons and uprights
  • Meets all FIG and NCAA specifications