Bar Straps - 8 Pair

SKU #: S932

Strap Colors and Sizes: Tan-11.25" Red-11.5" Black-11.75" White-12" Navy-12.25" Fuchsia-12.5" Royal-12.75" Green-13"



Gymnastics Bar Straps are sold in a group of eight pair of different sized straps, color coded to the size. Your gymnast will find the size they need quickly and be swinging gymnastics Giants in no time. Swing hard knowing that you will not rip off the bar. Must be used with PVC tube on gymnastics Steel High Bar and are not to be used on a women's uneven bar. Used to train gymnastics over grip, under grip and eagle grip giants. Requires wrist bands underneath bar straps. Includes instructions. (Tan-24.5") (Red-25") (Black-25.5") (White-26") (Navy-26.5") (Fuchsia-27") (Royal-27.5") (Green-28")