Bungee Block 4' x 5' x 12"

SKU #: BGB-604812
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The Bungee Blocks are semi sealed inflatables that are very versatile as an all around training tool. The ways in which you can use the Bungee Blocks are endless. A single Block, or two stacked on top of each other make a good vaulting station. Connect two together lengthwise, and they make a good runway for tumbling onto a Bungee Mat. For recreational athletes, a slightly deflated Bungee Block can be used for beginning trampoline skills. The list goes on and on. Unit inflates with the Magic Air Blower that can be added as an optional accessory. Or, simply use a reversible shop vac that you may already have on hand. ALL BUNGEE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. If used outside, warranty will be voided.