Bungee Incline 4' x 6' x 24" (on high end)

SKU #: BGI-56
Spec Sheet



The Bungee Incline can be used for a variety of drills including tumbling, bars and vault. Connect the Bungee Incline to the Mat or Bungee Block to create multiple stations for many different drills. The Bungee Incline can take the place of the top of a vault trainer for repulsion off hands. For tumbling, the two heights of the Bungee Incline make it useful as an early learning station for bridge kick-overs, for downhill front handsprings or as a round-off flyback station. The Bungee Incline can also be used beneath a low bar, or a Junior Kip. Lean the Incline against a wall, and place a floor bar near the high end on the floor, and you have a station for practicing blind changes. ALL BUNGEE PRODUCTS ARE INTENDED FOR INDOOR USE ONLY. If used outside, warranty will be voided.